Family Photojournalism

Tell your story through photos

Family Photojournalism is a way to document and tell your story. You may think that a few photos here and there with a cell phone are enough and that you will never forget this moment , but are they? Do you remember ? Do you remember the laughing while wrestling on the bed? Do you remember those creative outfits of your 4 year old? What about your 6 year old how do they hug you ? What are things that 18 years from now you never want to forget ? Childhood is magical and if we blink we miss it ! Embrace their bigness while they are still little .

A day in the life sessions

This session includes 4 hours of photos and a slide show. These 4 hours could be a trip to the zoo, an afternoon at grandma’s house, spaghetti supper or bed time routine. These sessions are so much fun and you never know what may happen but I will be there to photograph your story as it unfolds ! i usually start off each session with a few poses to break the ice and get things going but after that I will work my magic and I hope you forget Im around ! I want to capture the real you !

I will hand edit your photos and deliver them to you digitally through a password protected site.

Investment : $500