Interview with Rachel Price Breastfeeding consultant


Rachel Price

Breastfeeding consultant, soon to be doula and childbirth educator

A few months ago I saw an ad on facebook for “ The Big Latch On” breast-feeding event. I had participated in this event in Athens Ga but I had never seen anyone host one in South Ga since we moved back 5 years ago. I messaged the hosting Facebook page “Love at first sight” about being a vendor and participating myself and then I creeped on their facebook page … How did I not know about this place? Love at first sight is an amazing little gem in Americus, Ga. They offer sonogram services, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes and they have a little boutique up front with the most amazing baby clothes and baby essentials!

The day of the big latch on was the first time I had met Rachel and I was so impressed with everything she did for the Big Latch On. I could tell she was pouring her heart and soul into everything that day even down to the perfectly decorated food table! Rachel runs AT LAST Sumter ( Latched, attached, supported, trained) from Love at first sight.

I talked with Rachel not too long after the event about doing an interview for my blog and I was very excited that she agreed! Rachel has a wealth of knowledge, and she really is one of those people who if you do not know her you should make a point to get to know her! I hope by writing these blogs that I can share with you these amazing women who are so passionate about serving and helping women through childbirth and motherhood.

The Interview:

Q. What special training do you have ?

A. Besides years of personal breastfeeding experience, I have a Breastfeeding Counseling certification. Also, I am enrolled in classes to obtain certification as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator through Madriella.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. I offer several services. I offer classes once a month from 10-12pm at Love at First Sight Ultrasound Studio. The owner graciously allows me to use her large space for these classes. I also have an office inside the building. The first hour we discuss tips and techniques to prepare your body to labor "naturally". The second hour we discuss all things breastfeeding. Both classes are free to the public as part of volunteer work through Breastfeeding USA and training through Madriella.

Also, I offer one-on-one breastfeeding counseling in my office, a client’s home, or hospital. 

I also offer “advice only” and assistance to expecting and birthing mothers. I say “advice only” because I am not a certified Doula or Childbirth Educator yet and while I am using information obtained through my training, I do not want to be a sole source of information until I hold that certification.

Finally, I do lunch and learn sessions at businesses or mommy groups. For example; A local business recently asked me to explain my services and give a short demo during their lunch hour. They set up a conference room and provided food for their interested employees. I gave a 30-minute class while they ate and answered any questions they had.

Q. Is there any cost to your services ?  

A. My monthly classes are free and open to the public. My one-on-one breastfeeding sessions are $20 an hour in office/ $30 an hour outside of the office... However, I use an honesty system...if someone honestly can't pay, I never refuse service.  Since I am training and not certified yet as a Doula or Childbirth Educator, my time is free and my advice is just that....advice. But donations are always welcome as they help cover my costs for the monthly classes. 

Q. Give me just a general overview of what you do to help women throughout their breastfeeding journey?

A.  I help empower and encourage women through counseling and education. I want them to know that if they have a breastfeeding or birthing goal that together we WILL reach that goal if it is medically safe to do so. I offer support through all stages, even postpartum. 

Q. Any advice for new mamas?  

A. Yes-you-CAN! You are capable. You are strong. It isn't easy. You will be tired, emotional, unsure...but you WILL be the best mom to your baby!!! Babies are tough! They can take our adult human silly mistakes and survive.  Also,!!! It is okay and doesn’t make you a burden or ignorant. Ask for breastfeeding help, house cleaning help, baby won’t stop crying help... take naps when baby naps...seriously...DO IT, and it is ok to say NO to people who want to flock to see the baby. You need to take days to be alone just you and baby or you, partner, and baby. You need to bond, too many people can interrupt that. Finally, they will day. May be 1 year, 3years, 5 years...but sleepless nights pass. Also, you are not crazy…you are sleep deprived and hungry. Eat and then NAP…did I mention, nap?

Q. What are your favorite resources for new moms?  

A. Favorite resources: yourself. You have the power to answer all of your is called research. Join fb groups like mommy groups and breastfeeding support groups. See if there are local community mommy groups or classes and attend them. Read Le Leche Leagues The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding...make your go to. If you don't breastfeed, join formula feeding mom groups and other new mom groups. Finally, ME use people like me, counselors, lactation consultants, birth educators, doulas, breastfeeding friendly pediatricians, nurses, midwives, etc…Also as a resource; Breastfeeding USA Counselors such as myself. You can locate your nearest Counselor 

After meeting up and talking with Rachel and after attending both her childbirth class and her breastfeeding class … Y’all I can not recommend her enough! You will leave Rachel’s classes feeling included, educated and empowered but you will also leave with new friend ! 

You can contact Rachel @ 229 591 9552 or

You can check out the links below for more info on AT LAST, Rachel’s blog and Facebook groups