Interview with Albany Ga doula Jackie Shaffer
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Albany Georgia Doula

Jackie Shaffer

First awkward blog … starting now! Let’s Doula this!

if you are still reading you are probably like me two years ago! What the heck is a Doula???

The word Doula is derived from the Greek word Doule which means female helper.

A more modern definition is : A woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support and comfort to a woman before, during and after birth.

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A week ago I met up with Jackie Shaffer, a Doula in Albany Ga, for an interview. 

I had several questions for Jackie about being a Doula. I learned so much from Jackie in just the short amount of time we talked. I hope this interview does her work as a doula justice! 

  1. Why should you hire a Doula?
    “If you want to feel supported, encouraged and educated on all decisions during pregnancy through birth, or if you just need a friend you should hire a doula”

  2. Do you have any special training?
    “Yes I trained under a midwife”

  3. What services do you offer?
    “Birth Doula, postpartum care, placenta encapsulation, placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes”

  4. How can a Doula assist at a birth?
    “Doulas offer physical support, mental support, non-medical pain relief. Really Doulas do it all. I have even gone down to the cafeteria and gotten food for dad so he could stay with mom”

  5. Do you offer payment plans ?
    “Yes! “

  6. When should you hire a Doula?
    “You should hire a Doula right after your first trimester. You do not want to be strangers at your birth.”

  7. Do you meet with your clients before and meet their family?
    “Yes , I do 3 meet and greets. 1) over coffee where we meet and just get to know each other 2) I meet with my client and go over what they envision their birth to be 3) I go to the doctor with client”

  8. When do you arrive at a birth?
    “Whenever mom needs me or when the spouse calls me”

I truly enjoyed meeting up with Jackie and learning more about her work as a doula! I have to say the vibe I got from Jackie was like she was an old friend who you could call on for anything and know that she would be there. Jackie has a ton of birth knowledge and I learned tons from just our short conversation. Jackie is a gem and Albany is so lucky to have some one like her to assist mamas during birth!

You can find more info on Jackie and her services at Jackie’s Doula and Encasulation services on facebook, AllThingsPregnancyBirthandplacenta on instagram and her website is

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